Our Story

The dream for Spencer’s Place all began 28 years ago with the birth of Spencer N. Spencer was born in 1990 with Down syndrome — a genetic disorder caused by the presence of a third copy of chromosome 21. At that time, the possibilities for individuals with special needs and abilities were extremely limited and it seemed like there were few others like Spencer.

Today, that’s still true in many ways. Spencer is one of a kind. He is hard working. He is loyal and loving. He is a spitfire and brings those around him immense amounts of joy. 

While as a community we’ve made great strides and continue to work towards diversity and inclusion, the employment space for Spencer and people with similar intellectual and developmental disabilities is behind. After Spencer graduated high school, his next steps were extremely uncertain, but he has been fortunate enough to work in an environment designed to promote his wellbeing and create stability. Spencer is a hard worker and truly loves his work program. In fact, Spencer’s work ethic is one of the driving forces behind Spencer’s Place, where we hope to provide individuals just like Spencer with the access to employment in a safe and stable environment that fosters inclusion and while building relationships with the community.